How are you doing?

I'm lucky. Every few months I've a great mentor and friend who rings to ask 'how am i doing?'. That's all my mentor usually asks. It's amazing and something that surprises me every time. It's such a simple question but one that people rarely ask. It's a question, when asked with genuine concern, that can … Continue reading How are you doing?


Corporate Accelerators, this seasons must have accessory

It seems that EVERY corporate is now exploring, starting or investing in their own startup accelerator. For the last few months I’ve had too many ‘groundhog day’ conversations with corporates who ‘are thinking of opening a coworking space / startup accelerator’ and wondering ‘have you any advice?’ I politely smile and say "Yes - but … Continue reading Corporate Accelerators, this seasons must have accessory

It’s a small old world

Some of my favourite stories end with the phrase 'its a small world'. Growing up in Ireland, you kind of take it for granted that everyone knows everyone. As you travel and work internationally you realise how wrong that is. However, sometimes you stumble across a story or two that makes you think... Here are some of my favourite 'small world' stories … Continue reading It’s a small old world

Stop Delaying Your Most Important Job as Founder

First time founders are often guilty of outsourcing their sales responsibilities, but all too often, they are even more guilty of delaying selling in any capacity until it is too late. This delay often comes down to fear and that is why I’m constantly asking founders to test their sales hypothesis as soon as possible. … Continue reading Stop Delaying Your Most Important Job as Founder

2 KPIs for measuring startup eco-systems

  It often seems like the whole world is trying to produce the next Silicon Valley, or at the very least, a globally recognised startup city / accelerator / community, that is in everyone's ‘Top 10 List’ for startup locations. Every day more and more journalists and bloggers are writing about the ‘Next Silicon Valley’ … Continue reading 2 KPIs for measuring startup eco-systems